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Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

Meetings are held at the
Siam Bayshore Hotel
5.30pm for 6.00pm
on the 1st and 3rd Thursday
of every month
Followed by dinner (Fellowship)

Please check “Important Information”
  Global Grant  GG 1527271
USD 100,612 / THB 3,219,581 
Should you be so kind and wish to contribute
to any of  our Projects by making a donation, 
our bank and Pay Pal details are as below.
Please notify our treasurer of any transactions
by emailing : treasurer@rotary-es.org
Your help, is always appreciated.

Please click on the link below for our club location etc.


Club Bank Details
Krung Thai Bank PLC
Pattaya Tai Branch
Account Name: Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard
Account Number: 221-0-00980-4

Pay Pal

We invite you to


To assist us in achieving the many humanitarian projects we have here.

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1st of July, at the Siam Bayshore Hotel, Martin Cooke (Left)is presented the Presidential Chain of Office by Past President Rodney Charman.

Congratulations to President Martin Cooke

Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard members and guests at the

Inauguration Ceremony of President Martin Cooke

at the Siam Bayshore Hotel.

Important Information

Dear fellow members,

The Siam Bayshore Hotel, have notified us that we are once again able to hold our general meetings.

Our President  Elect, Steve Rochester will do his utmost to keep us

all informed of any changes.

The date of our next meetings are as follows:-

Regular Club Meeting dates:-

Thursday 2nd and 16th June.

Board Meeting dates:-

Wednesday 15th June.