RCES Pattaya Past Presidents


Charter President Martin Brands, with a following of 20 members, inaugurated the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard (RCES) in Pattaya on the 16th June 2004.

His legacy was to melt together a harmonious membership of as many different nationalities, religions and ethnic backgrounds as possible to follow a common goal in the broader spirit of Rotary International & improve life of the underprivileged!

Charter President Martin Brands.

The dynamics of RCES is to provide those less fortunate amongst the Thai peoples and their children, with our efforts of fund raising and attention. Our ultimate objective is to find and help those people in true need of assistance.

RCES follows through each project, as soon as it is taken over, showing responsibility of commitment.

RCES ensures that all funds are correctly and fairly distributed.

RCES, funds permitting, look for measurable improvement to the best of our efforts.

By doing so, we provide some relief and a chance for a more worthy, comfortable life. What we provide is just a small light in often a very dark existence.

Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard,

Siam Bayshore Hotel, Pattaya.


The Dynamics of RCES June 2004
PP Martin Brands
/ Netherlands
Charter President
PP Renato Porzio
/ Italy
PP Marliese Fritz
/ Switzerland
PP Steve Ryser
/ Switzerland
PP Toy Ryser
/ Thailand
PP Peter Schlageter
/ Switzerland
PP Jan Abbink
/ Netherlands
PP Carl R Dyson
 United Kingdom
PPNigel Quennell   
/  UK
  PP Russell Iffland 
  /  Australia
(2014-2015) PP Rodney James Charman
        United Kingdom
    President (2015-2017) Home. Club Info. News. Activities. Projects. PP Brian John Songhurst 
     United Kingdom 
 President (2017-2019)


      PP Dieter Reigber
    President (2019-2020)     PP Peter Barnwell 
     United Kingdom 
President (2020-Dec 2020) PP Rodney James Charman
        United Kingdom
  President (2021-Jun 2021)